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Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) provides an excellent platform for deploying microservices as containers. However, there is a significant learning curve for developers to get their microservices deployed.

Let mu help!

Let AWS be your microservice platform

Cloud Native

mu knows when to stay out of the way. mu only uses AWS resources for deploying your microservices.

Continuous Delivery

mu likes speed. mu uses CodePipeline and CodeBuild to continuously test and deliver your microservice to production.


mu doesn't have a favorite language. If you can get your microservice running with a Dockerfile, then mu can help!


mu knows you might not need it anymore. mu doesn't have any servers or databases running anywhere. mu leverages CloudFormation to manage state for all AWS resources.


mu makes sure you get what you want. You declare your configuration in a YAML file and commit with your source code. mu takes care of setting up your AWS resources to meet your needs.

Open Source

mu is MIT licensed, so you can use it commercially. mu is always looking to improve, so please consider contributing!


Get Started!

Watch this 90 second demo to see mu in action then get started with the mu wiki

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